Tokyo's Sumida Ward's New License Plate is Inspired by Hokusai

 - Nov 10, 2016
References: en.rocketnews24 & cnet
Tokyo's Sumida Ward has just unveiled its new license plate design for scooters in the area, and it takes inspiration from a legendary piece of Japanese art. While still containing all the relevant details necessary for a legal license plate, the background of the Sumida Ward plates will now show a rendering of 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' by Hokusai.

The Sumida Ward plates don't feature an exact replica of the famous woodblock print, although it remains mostly faithful. Minor changes include drawing Mount Fuji in red rather than blue, and including the Tokyo Skytree, a relatively new skyscraper in Sumida Ward, in the picture's background.

The decision to feature a Hokusai print isn't random; Hokusai was born in what is now Sumida Ward in the mid-1700s.