The Suehiro House Hides an Expansive Interior for a Close-Knit Family

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: alts-design & archdaily
The Suehiro House is a little bit deceptive with an exterior that seems to convince you that it provides compact living. Interestingly, when you pass through the front door of the domicile, you're greeted with a high atrium and a range of different rooms, both open and enclosed.

For this young family in the Shiga Prefecture of Japan, the ALTS Design Office's Yoshitaka Kuga and Sumiou Mizumoto worked to create a quaint residence with an archetypal aesthetic and a completely fresh interpretation. You'll notice the squared plan and the pyramidal pitched roof, yet the contemporary style is certainly evident. Meandering walls and skylights suggest a playful arrangement to the interior of the Suehiro House. Sure enough, a stage-like central space, indoor balconies and a generous high ceiling bring some theatrics to the architecture of cozy nooks and overlapping rooms.