This Photo Series Shows Subway Commuters Reacting to Strangers

 - Jul 24, 2014
References: georgeferrandi & featureshoot
'It Felt Like I Know You' is a fascinating photo series that captures subway commuters' reactions when they have their personal space invaded by a stranger sitting next to them. For the series, photographer George Ferrandi sat next to people on the subway and, pretending to be asleep, rested her head on their shoulders.

The reactions of the unsuspecting commuters was then photographed. These reactions ranged from surprise and amusement to anger and bewilderment. The project, part photography and part performance art, aims to explore the barriers people set up around themselves, and how these barriers cause personal fears and loneliness.

Ferrandi said she treated each 'performance' as a sculpture in that she tried to think of the space between herself and another subway commuter as an invisible sculptural material.

The scenes were captured by Ferrandi's assistant Angela Gilland on her cellphone.