This Drain Pipe Submarine Was Created by a Teenager

 - May 30, 2013
References: damngeeky & mymodernmet
Impressive teenager Justin Beckerman has recently created a fully functional submarine out of a drainage pipe. This clever teen has a deep love for electronics and has a history of making miniature machines but this is far more difficult than putting together a remote control car.

This incredible drain pipe submarine is 9-feet long and features lights, a working motor, a communications system and ballast tanks that cause the vessel to submerge. Considering that Justin Beckerman is only 18 years of age, this is a fairly fascinating creation. While this makeshift submarine has yet to go deeper than 6-feet under, Beckerman hopes to be able to go 30-feet deep by the time he’s finished tweaking this amazing creation.

This remarkable teen submarine is proof that students are capable of anything if they apply themselves.