Red Moon by Sirocco Research Labs is an Artfully Amusing Short Film

 - Mar 19, 2012
References: siroccoresearchlabs & itsnicethat
Submarines, werewolves, inner-volcano portals, you can find all these in Red Moon, the new short film by Sirocco Research labs. Revolving around a Russian submarine crew led by the Soviet Commander/werewolf Captain Alexei Ovechkin, the film chronicles the captain’s tragic yet hilarious decline into a lycantrophic rage.

The frame composition and picturesque quality of the short gives Red Moon a "Wes Anderson-esque" appeal to it. The film’s absurd narrative and hilarious dialogue is delivered with such conviction resulting in a delicate balance between emotional compassion and farcical suspension.

Red Moon is Sirocco Research Lab’s first short film and has garnered an impressive amount of attention from film festivals across the world. Hopefully this is an indication of more impressive projects to come from the independent film makers.