The 'StyloCard' Can Be Used to Create Keyboard Sounds

 - May 14, 2018
References: mitxela & dangerousprototypes
Electronics tinkerer and innovator Tim Jacobs developed a high-tech business card that makes use of modern computing technologies in order to go about doing a whole more than just displaying business affiliations, as it can actually be used to generate keyboard sounds much like a stylophone.

The so-called Stylocard business cards are only one millimeter thick, but feature all the technologies needed to be able to function as MIDI controllers. The cards can be used in conjunction with a computer and music production software to help generate sounds.

This business card actually features a visually clear keyboard printed on it, and when users use a stylus to tap the keys, they can go about generating sounds.

While this may seem like just a fun and impressive gimmick at first, the fact of the matter is that people hand out business cards because they want to stand out, and handing out a StyloCard is a sure way to achieve that.