Strongbody Apparel Makes Tech-Focused Sportswear in Canada

Vancouver-based Strongbody Apparel makes high-quality activewear while aiming to be as environmentally friendly and socially conscious as possible.

All of Strongboy's clothing is made and designed in Canada using ethical working conditions so its presence contributes to the local economy. Strongbody Apparel has created a unique odor-preventing nanotechnology using seafood. Chitosan is a naturally anti-bacterial fiber derived from shrimp and crab shells to provide odor-resisting technology that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Strongbody's Buy One Feed One initiative contributes to food-based programs for children.

One of the brand's star products is its 'Pulse Elite T-Shirt'. This piece features moisture-wicking, waterproof and odor-fighting fabric along with anti-chaffing flatlock style seams. Available in five color options, this hard working t-shirt is the perfect companion no matter the activity.