The Graffiti Lamp

 - Sep 28, 2008
References: 100percentdesign & 2modern.blogs
The Graffiti Lamp by D.E.C.A.F (Design-Environment-Concept-Art-Furniture), was presented at 100% Design in Earls Court, London. Its designers are graffiti artists who want to "...bring the city to the living room."

Designers of the Graffiti Lamp posed the following questions:
"Graffiti is vandalism, but is it? Or is it art?"
"Are we not selling in art galleries graffiti pieces made by street artist that work in the dark of the night where their own identity is hidden?"
"Was there not just a major public museum display of street art in London by artists who only sign their pieces with their street name, like 'Blu', 'Faile' 'JR' or 'Nunca?"

These questions got me thinking. When graffiti is done on someone's place of business or on public property, it can be construed as vandalism. After all, our hard-earned tax dollars pay for park benches, city fountains, and playground equipment. And when graffiti is done on a place of business, the artist isn't thinking about how much money it takes to run one.

However, many true street graffiti artists cannot afford a home or apartment and come from broken homes.  They are limited as to what they can do to temporarily escape their daily hardships. In this case, my heart goes out to them and some graffiti art is beautiful.