From Hyper Graffiti Heels to Trippy Graffiti Footwear

 - Aug 1, 2013
These bold examples of graffiti-inspired footwear are showcasing that the artistic elements and designs being illustrated on the streets is serving to have a major impact on pop culture and fashion lines.

While street art is often met with a lot of negativity from adults and city officials, there's no denying the fact that graffiti artwork has been serving to influence this modern generation of youths. The stunning artistic ability and imaginative minds of graffiti artists are some of the reasons why mainstream fashion retailers are infusing these eye-catching images into their designs. The bold and unrestricted imagery that graffiti artwork often exhibits is a great way for fashion retailers to connect with that modern and hip generation.

From graffiti street style collections to street art shoes, these artistic footwear designs are bringing an urban edge to the fashion industry.