Steve Mills Captures the Beauty in the Everyday

 - Mar 28, 2012
References: stevemillsart & thatslikewhoa
Looking at this collection of images one might think "oh great a picture of some marbles, a scrabble board, some jars, what's the big deal?" Well for starters, these aren't photographs, they are the work of artist Steve Mills, whose imaginative prowess is demonstrated through his absolutely stunning attention to detail.

Steve Mills paints the ordinary, those objects people so often encounter in daily routine, but hardly command a second glance let alone any significant opinion; however, in capturing the reality of these objects to such a degree of accuracy, Steve Mills illustrates how even the most seemingly mundane objects can contain an attraction present within its subtlety.

Simple and yet intricate, these realistic illustrations of ordinary objects demonstrates that Steve Mills is an artist who perceives the beauty inherent in the everyday.