This Oculus Rift Experience Has You Safely Stare at the Sun

 - Feb 26, 2015
References: share.oculus & engadget
Although it's advised that you should never directly stare at the sun, this Oculus Rift experience makes it okay. With the Sunshine Observation Deck, you're able to see the giant star as you've never seen it beforeā€”in fact, you'll be seeing it through the eyes of the characters of the 2007 Danny Boyle film Sunshine.

Creator Julian Butler describes the fiery Sunshine Observation Deck as "One of the more calm" virtual reality experiences, which is probably a lot like watching the fireplace TV channel. While this simulated sci-fi experience may be lightyears ahead, it would be fun to put yourself in the shoes of someone who could be so close to the sun without damaging their skin and eyes.