This Image Series Shows the Ordinary Lives of Star Wars Stormtroopers

 - Sep 3, 2015
References: perezhiguera & wired
Photographer Jorge Pérez Higuera created a series of images that depicts the ordinary lives of Star Wars Stormtroopers. This series titled 'The Other Side' shows the audience that these galactic characters are able to carry out average lives and conform to societal norms.

Each of the images shows a Star Wars Stormtrooper in an average setting such as a grocery store or depicts them as they relax at home while playing video games. Each image contains a sense of comic relief, which is evidently noted in images such as the Stormtrooper using a urinal or enjoying a cocktail in a hot tub.

Jorge Pérez Higuera decided to create this project in an attempt to make the galactic cyborgs more relatable. The audience has the ability to decide whether each portrait's subject is male, female, a child or an adult and are able to write their own narrative for each character.