From Sci-Fi Sports Helmets to Galactic Animal Star Wars Helmets

 - Nov 6, 2015
With the return of Jedis, the evil Dark Side and the mysterious Force coming shortly, more and more sci-fi gadgets and costumes are being created -- in particular designs that are based off of the many Star Wars helmets from the series.

From Darth Vader to the Stormtroopers, helmets play a large role in the costumes and story line of the epic galactic trilogy. These are replicated in works of art, like the retouched photographs of Travis Durden that places 3D replicas of Star Wars helmets on top of classic Greek statues. There are also more practical helmet designs that hold things like cookies or coffee, adding a little science fiction to people's everyday lives.

Finally, there's the perfectly accurate Stormtrooper battle helmet from ANOVOS for the ultimate fan and perfectionist who wants to complete the look.