Stamped Plate by Vasiliy Butenko Plays with a Shallow Third Dimension

 - Jan 20, 2012
The plate has evolved as an extension of the palm, the ground or some form of eating surface, most significantly becoming a portable receptacle and secondarily keeping food consumption tidy. With this in mind, the Stamped Plate by Vasiliy Butenko recognizes that the modern dish, when kept set upon the table, need be little more than a scrap of waxed paper with subtly upturned edges.

This playful project comprises matte ceramic, sculpted into thin square sheets that actually mimic paper. A subtle curl of the corner of each bowl and plate signifies this. However, it is as if someone has impressed the pieces with a heavy-duty embosser, imprinting soft concave circles with round flat bases. The iconic-looking Stamped Plate by Vasiliy Butenko seems to be amusingly incomplete of its final manufacturing stage: the cutting of the container out of its cornered perimeter.