Ford's Split View Camera System Helps Drivers See Around Corners

 - Jun 29, 2015
References: & gizmag
Ford is introducing a new camera system, aptly dubbed Split View, that helps drivers see around corners.

The camera system is mounted on the front and rear bumpers of vehicles, and presents drivers with a clear 180-degree view from the parts of the car that are exposed to traffic first. The results are presented in a tri-panel display that makes it very clear which side a vehicle or object is coming from. Accessible at the touch of a button, the system automatically shuts off when the vehicle reaches 10 km/h.

The Split View system will be a boon of sorts to any driver who has ever had their view obscured by rows of SUVs and big vehicles, making it difficult for them to judge when it's safe to either back out or nose out of their driveway.