'Vopo' Tracks Spending Habits by Having Users Speak to it

 - Dec 27, 2016
References: getvopo & betalist
Those who are looking to track spending habits without having to deal with data entry will find 'Vopo' to be a great solution. Purported as being the Siri for personal finances, 'Vopo' works by having users speak to the platform about their finances rather than requiring them to actively log it via data entry.

'Vopo' works by having users talk to it in order to track all their spending, know how much money they have left and even keep track of how they're doing year-over-year. The spending habits finance app utilizes voice recognition and AI technology in order to keep users informed and agile when it comes to their finances. What's best, 'Vopo' enables users to ask the platform questions whenever they're curious about their financial details to always know whether they need to hold back spending or if they have a little more to work with.