The Bob's Burgers Monopoly Special Edition Board Game is Loads of Fun

 - Mar 4, 2017
References: thatsnerdalicious
Fans of the cartoon will be glad to hear the news of the Bob's Burgers Monopoly special edition board game as a way to live out experiences from the show.

The Bob's Burgers Monopoly consists of the basic gameplay of Monopoly but with a distinct twist that transforms everything into buildings, locations and inside jokes from Bob's Burgers.

Two to six players who are eight years old and up must work their way around the board in order to purchase properties and become the ultimate winner. The game features tokens that are all themed after the characters from the Belcher family as well as Teddy.

The Bob's Burgers Monopoly special edition board game makes a great addition to a person's collection of board games who's a fan of the cartoon franchise.