The Pokemon Products Stem From the Popularity of the Pokemon Go App

 - Jul 31, 2016
It is no secret that augmented reality game app Pokemon Go is taking over the world, as evidenced by these Pokemon products. Many of these objects are designed to help you improve your game-playing abilities and help you achieve your goal of catching them all. Others are simply Pokemon products inspired by the viral phenomenon in an effort to cash in on the global craze.

Food items such as anime-inspired churros and cartoon-capturing sandwiches are examples of how edible elements can be transformed to resemble Pokemon items.

Game-continuing wearables, game-inspired footwear, hands-free anime game devices and others were all created to help players be the very best, often while distancing them from their actual phones. On the other hand, cartoon-themed bedroom toys and anime character fragrance might not help your performance in the app, but will remind you of your obsession elsewhere.