Carpenter Block Designs

 - Mar 30, 2007
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Designing furniture isn't for everyone, but often you think, "wouldn't it be nice if I could change this sofa just a little bit to make it fit better or more comfy". Well, with Remo from SOZ you can. The Japanese furniture designers SOZ came up with a new range, Re:mo. The furniture is based on a mini carpenter block than can be assembled in endless different ways and shapes, round, square, irregular; as a bookshelf, chair, table, shoe rack, whatever you can think of, leaving the only limitation to your creativity (and the number of pieces you've got).

SOZ will be opening it's flagship store in Osaka, Japan this spring but until then, you can see the blocks and examples of what can be done at Musee des Arts decoratifs in Paris or at the Museum of Modern Art Store in New York. If you like doing jigsaws, you are going to love this.