Lemon Grass Kitchen Helps Consumers to Enjoy South Asian Dishes at Home

Lemon Grass Kitchen is a newly launched line of frozen entrees that give consumers an opportunity to enjoy popular South Asian dishes at home. Launched by the founder of California's award-winning Lemon Grass and Star Ginger restaurants, the new line makes it easier for consumers to enjoy exotic Asian flavors any time.

The Lemon Grass Kitchen line-up consists of a variety of frozen entrees inspired by traditional South Asian dishes. All of the meals were developed by chef Mai Pham as a way to share unique Asian flavors with North American consumers. Made from premium ingredients and prepared with the same care as freshly cooked restaurant dishes, the frozen meals give consumers an easy way to enjoy bold and exotic flavor combinations.

With tantalizing dishes such as Shrimp Pad Thai and Korean-Style Grilled Chicken, the new line-up of frozen dinners is sure to appeal to consumers looking for more globally inspired options.