The SoundSense Alerts the Hearing Impaired in Emergencies

 - Jul 17, 2016
References: furenexo & techcrunch
Furenexo's SoundSense alerts the wearer of loud sounds that may signify something dangerous is approaching.

The small device can be clipped onto the wearer's clothing to detect loud noises -- such as gunshots, fire alarms, emergency vehicles and car accidents that could potentially harm people who are hearing impaired. By vibrating and flashing when it detects a loud noise, the SoundSense warns the wearer of potential danger. The open-source device is not limited to the hearing impaired, as people in cities who often wear headphones could benefit from such a device as well. The SoundSense is one of multiple devices that Furenexo will soon release that helps those who are hard of hearing.

Simple devices such as this one can drastically improve the quality of life and sense of security for people who are not as able-bodied as the average person.