The Social Media Pre-Employment Screening Chart is Informative

 - Mar 26, 2014
References: go-gulf & holykaw.alltop
This social media pre-employment screening infographic explains how pre-screening applicants is going to become more and more popular for employers to do as the digital age continues to grow. Social media is personal but we are finding that people, employers, family members and everyone in between are on these social media sites and they all have the ability to see some of your personal information.

It is becoming increasingly popular for employers to check these social media sites to get an indication about the potential employee. Two in five employers use social media to screen candidates; with this they are evaluating you on your professionalism, whether you are a fit with the company culture and to learn more about you.

The most popular social media sites will come as no surprise; Facebook leads with the most used social media site to pre-screen candidates, following with Twitter and LinkedIn. The Social Media Pre-Employment Screening infographic is a great way to learn what employers are searching for in their candidates online.