The ‘Social Calls-to-Action Work’ Infographic is Revealin

 - Jun 23, 2013
References: mediabistro & bitrebels
The ‘Social Calls-to-Action Work’ infographic takes a look at how Facebook, blogs and Twitter work towards advancing social causes. Ultimately, what this study and infographic find out is that including phrases on Twitter such as "please re-Tweet," or on Facebook saying "please Like," and "please comment" on blogs brings more people to the cause.

For people engaged in advancing social causes out there, there has been no doubt that social media can help raise awareness. What this graphic gives us, however, is a firm understanding in which ways it advances awareness-raising. The Kony 2012 campaign of last year is a prime example of the impact of social media for awareness.

Next time you find a cause near and dear to your heart, keep these key phrases in mind when sharing across your social sites.