The Snickers Party Commercial is Identity-Changing

 - Jun 28, 2011
References: bbdo & ibelieveinadv
This Snickers Party commercial (a Cannes Lions 2011 contestant) personifies how different people can become when starving hungry.

The ad features Joe Pesci as he unleashes his rage at two unsuspecting party girls. To calm him down, his friend takes him into the kitchen and feeds him a Snickers bar. After one bite, Pesci is automatically transformed into the average college student. Turns out, Joe Pesci is this guy's alter-ego when he forgets to eat his dinner. The moral of the story? Feed your hunger with a Snickers bar to avoid turning into angry mobsters.

Implications - The above ad takes the connotations associated with a certain celebrity and uses it for a humorous advantage. Companies should consider the use of comedy when selling products, as this establishes a more long-lasting, emotional connection with consumers.