Pepsico Has Announced a New Line Low-Crunch of Snacks for Women

 - Feb 6, 2018
References: grubstreet & fastcompany
PepiCo has recently announced its development of snacks for women. The company behind Fritos, Cheetos, Lay's and Doritos claims to have researched the difference in snacking by gender, and hopes that its new line of chips will appeal more to a female demographic. PepsiCo CEP Indra Nooyi spoke about this new development while on the podcast The Secret Life of CEOs. According to Nooyi, these new snacks for women are focused on full flavor and low crunch. Nooyi spoke about the eating habits of men and women and explained that women supposedly prefer a less pronounced crunching noise, and a cleaner eating experience.

Nooyi has yet to explain what the specific snacks for women will be, but some news outlets are predicting a low-crunch line of chips to be released soon. This is not the first attempt by PepsiCo to create female-centered products, as its skinny can of Diet Pepsi was released and criticized in 2011. Other companies including Suntory and Cadbury have also tried to develop such products to varying levels of success. Early criticisms of the product have begun to question the need for this product to exist.

Image Credit: Sharon Pruitt, EyeEm, Getty Images