'The S'More' by Liddabit Sweets is a Fresh Take on a Fireside Favorite

 - Oct 21, 2016
References: shop.liddabitsweets
In addition to making a variety of unique and unusual caramel treats, Liddabit Sweets also makes a few candy bar confections like this s'mores bar.

Aptly named 'The S'More,' this chocolate treat features all of the elements of the classic campfire treat, but in a completely reinvented way. On the inside of this chocolate-covered sweet, there are layers of homemade graham cracker, smoky chocolate ganache and bruléed marshmallows, which puts a sophisticated spin on a childhood favorite. The entirety of this Liddabit Sweets product is made with simple ingredients that are all easily recognized and pronounced, unlike so many in the confectionery industry.

With the rise of foodie culture, many consumers are becoming interested in seeing their favorite foods reinvented in ways that converge their flavors and forms with other familiar items.