The S'more Eclairs by Domestic Gothess is Delightfully Casual

 - Apr 26, 2016
References: domesticgothess & neatorama
The idea of eclairs is decadent. The idea of S'more Eclairs is playful. One person has decided to put a fun twist on the traditional dessert in order to shake things up a bit. Considering that this continues to be a big theme in the baking world, it should come as no surprise that eclairs were the next in line to be experimented with.

The S'more Eclairs were created by Hannah of Domestic Gothess. Filled with toasted marshmallow creme patissiere (pastry cream) filling and topped with melted chocolate, crushed digestive biscuits and toasted mini marshmallows. A great treat to serve at special parties -- be them themed or not -- these S'more Eclairs will remind people of summer.