The Film 'Smog of the Sea' Was Created by Jack Johnson

 - Feb 15, 2017
References: theinertia & treehugger
Although most know Jack Johnson as a musician who makes catchy songs, the artist recently released a 30-minute film titled 'Smog of the Sea.'

What some may not know about Johnson is that he was once a professional surfer, offering an explanation about why he decided to make polluted oceans the subject of a movie. In the short film, Johnson, an ocean researcher and participants learn that "there is no such thing as a giant floating garbage patch" in the ocean. Instead, plastic and other trash is all over the place, which is actually much worse as these smaller particles are ingested by, and physically harm, the creatures of the ocean. The crisis is described as "the fossil of our time" as layers of plastic are now forming in deep ocean waters.

Smog of the Sea works to inform viewers on the devastating effects of pollution and the film's celebrity backing may help to push awareness of this issue.