Protect Yourself from Harmful Radiation With the SmartSense Shawl

 - May 27, 2011
References: chipchick & gizmodiva
With people being surrounded by so much technology these days, the SmartSense Shawl comes at just the right time. Providing you with health benefits, the shawl will keep you warm while guarding you from harmful radiation.

Created by two concerned moms, the SmartSense Shawl is designed especially for women. It covers the chest and belly area, making it ideal for pregnant women or those with a family history of breast cancer. If you prefer not to wear a shawl around, there is an alternative SmartCover which can be used to cover things like your microwave.

Looking entirely comfortable and cozy, the SmartSense Shawl may not be the most fashionable item out there, but it will definitely keep you safe from harmful radiation that is found everywhere these days.