The Thuggie is a Combination Hoodie and Tall-Tee

 - Mar 8, 2011
References: thuggies & radcollector
I thought I had seen everything up until I laid eyes upon the Thuggie. The Thuggie is a combination tall-tee and hoodie that is meant to look ridiculous -- ridiculously comfortable, that is.

The Thuggie was conceived by four Canadians who originally designed it as a way to mock people in over-sized t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets. The Thuggie got plenty of stares, but nobody seemed to get the joke. Eventually the Thuggie went from joke to reality and now Thuggies are available to purchase in all sorts of bright neon colors and sizes.

If anything were to define the ever-changing world of fashion, it would have to be the Thuggie. A few years ago, the Thuggie would have been considered utterly ridiculous, but thanks to the Snuggie and the rise of fashionable irony (you know who you are) off-beat clothing like this is able to survive and thrive.