The SmartSense Shawl is for Those with Electronic Phobias

 - May 26, 2011
References: smartsensecovers & chipchick
In today's modern society, we're surrounded by cellphones, computers and a wide variety of other electromagnetic gadgets. SmartSense is a company comprised of two mothers with concerns of the levels of radiation present in today's offices and homes. SmartSense's latest innovation is called the SmartSense Shawl. This poncho-like outfit is worn by people while using devices such as cellphones, laptops and other electromagnetic devices. The shawl is made from a mixture of cotton fibers and a specialized anti-radioactive fabric. The shawl is finished in a matte black exterior that is stylish and functional.

SmartSense is targeting their products toward pregnant women as they are the ones that need protection from radiation the most. If you're conscious about the levels of radiation in your home, then grab a SmartSense shawl.