The 'KIP' is a Smart Music Controller You Can Tilt, Tip and Rock

 - Sep 1, 2017
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The 'KIP' is a smart music controller that offers more interaction between users and their devices. With simplicity at the forefront of its design, developers can often neglect the power that user interactivity and engagement possess. KIP aims to harness that excitement through offering users the ability to tilt, tip and rock their device to varied musical genres.

The intuitive controller features an interface that suggests four recommended genres. KIP then asks users to tilt the device toward the selected genre, prompting a more detailed musical selection. In addition to its innovative design, the device offers users the same portability and convenience of other handheld music devices on the market.

The enjoyable but easy to navigate interface offers an innovative method of home listening, which deviates slightly from the standard form of modern technology.