The 'E-Sleeping' Sleeping Pillow is Packed with Smart Technology

 - Mar 21, 2017
References: yankodesign
Jet lag often makes the beginning of a trip a rough experience, so the 'E-Sleeping' sleeping pillow is intended to offer travelers a way to combat against it.

The 'E-Sleeping' pillow works by being affixed onto your neck during a flight to allow it to self-inflate. From here, the 'E-Sleeping' pillow can be adjusted by inputting information regarding where you're heading and other details to let the pillow work to help you achieve better sleep according to your destination timezone.

The 'E-Sleeping' sleeping pillow is designed with smart technology within that will work to help users achieve better sleep quality by utilizing sound waves in order to lull you into an optimal sleep state. This ensures you'll never have to deal with being sleepless on a flight again or feel drowsy upon arrival.

The 'E-Sleeping' pillow is the design work of Yeh Chia-Yu and Lin Yi-Xiang.