'Slaughterhouse Starlets' Turns Hollywood Darlings into Murderers

 - Feb 20, 2013
References: society6 & mymodernmet
In these titillating images by Keith P. Rein, starlets are given a whole new devious persona in the series entitled Slaughterhouse Starlets, which deviates away from their usual characters.

Just as horror films have to have some sort of nudity and gore in them, the artist takes on this theme by displaying these well known starlets as sexy murderesses. Such lovely ladies as Emma Stone, Emma Watson and Zooey Deschanel are depicted wielding some pretty harmful weaponry including a bat, an ax and a butcher knife. As there is blood spattered all over the dangerous weapons, you can tell that they have already taken the liberty to use it on one of their victims.

Though the Slaughterhouse Starlets are simply drawings, they still manage to provoke a creepy aesthetic that makes you not want to mess with any of them.