These Slaughterhouse Photos are Darkly Fascinating

 - Jan 27, 2014
References: alastairphilipwiper & dezeen
Photographer Alastair Philip Wiper's series of slaughterhouse photos aim to chronicle the process of how pigs are turned into pork. Wiper had the opportunity to visit Danish Crowd, the largest exporter of pork in the world, which slaughters an average of 100,000 pigs per week.

Wiper documented the procedure step-by-step, photographing the pens that temporarily house the animals and continuing to catalog each subsequent space in order to encompass the whole process of slaughtering, butchering and packaging.

In the accompanying essay, Wiper notes that in an ideal world, all our meat would come from loving farms with humane slaughtering practices. That being said, Wiper has no patience for people who enjoy eating meat, but cannot confront the slaughter and death of the animals they are consuming. His intention behind the series is to acknowledge and expose the process.