From Urban Photography Projects to Hi-Tech Interactive Hotels

 - Feb 5, 2013
Today's top trends feature a variety of architecture designs that fall on opposite ends of the simplicity spectrum as well as some unusual urban photography projects conceived by some highly talented artists.

Sustainability was the inspiration behind the two-meter wide dwellings by Alma-nac and the Google Tel Aviv office. The new office, which boasts eight floors of private and communal spaces, features kosher and non-kosher catering and beautiful, lush trees on every floor.

Alternatively, the ITH Room Xperience by Serrano Brothers is the epitome of hi-tech interaction in architectural design. The walls of this room can by synced up with one's smartphone to project photographs and files on the multi-touch transparent screens that serve as the room's walls. For more in-depth research on this year's hottest architecture trends, you'll want to check out Trend Hunter's 2013 Trend Reports.

Urban photography is seen in Michael Wolf's The Architecture of Density photo series, which illustrates the extent to which the city is overpopulated.