Transitions by Dominik Tarabanski is Femininely Quirky

 - Feb 4, 2013
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The photo series titled Transitions by Dominik Tarabanski, a photographer based in New York City, may be strange and quirky, but there is an innocently romantic quality about each image as well. The latter owes itself to the youth of the models and the pale pastel palette. Not to mention the floral fashion and whimsical props, which lend a decidedly feminine aesthetic to the series.

Starring models Angelika Szelag and Marta Panasiuk, Transitions by Dominik Tarabanski sees them caught between a world of reality and fantasy. As written on Behance, "What if you could carry a meadow with you? Grow into the cotton fibres. Get so close so you could become one, but still be yourself. Dilute into it, diffuse, disappear. And become another."