Skinny Chef Sauces Are Infused with Powerful Nutrition

With names like Goji Espresso, Pomegranate Cayenne, Cherry Chipotle and Blazin' Blueberry, it's immediately apparent that the sauces by Skinny Chef are packed with superfood ingredients. The sauces were developed to tick off three boxes: the sauces must taste good, be low in calories and fat, as well as maximize superfoods for a nutritional boost.

Although you might expect that these sauces would have flavors that are quite strong, Skinny Chef notes that the taste of each sauce tends to change based upon the kind of protein it is paired with. The superfood sauces are extremely versatile and go well with everything from burgers to vegetables, pork and fish. In addition to promising a great taste, the sauces also boast anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.