The 'STD Triage' App Helps Identify Skin Infections in Under 24-Hours

 - Nov 19, 2016
Looking at web images and reading extensively will never be able to diagnose a problem with total accuracy, so the 'STD Triage' app works to help users identify skin infections.

'STD Triage' works by pairing users up with a board-certified dermatologist within 24-hours that can then be utilized as a resource to help identify skin problems. After the pairing has been made, users can submit detailed photos of their problem to their dermatologist who can then respond back with different questions or ask for further clarification.

Being that skin infections and problems can be quite common, the 'STD Triage' app works to help let users know if they have an actual STI or if they simply have something that will clear up on its own.