The Ahrong Eltech 'Epi' Skin Analyzer Helps Maintain Youthful Skin

 - Feb 24, 2016
References: ahrong & ahrong
One of the well-known rules when it comes to skin is to take care of it now for positive effects later, which the Ahrong Eltech 'Epi' skin analyzer puts front and center. Designed to help measure skin health and moisture levels, the Ahrong Eltech 'Epi' connects to both iOS and Android devices.

The accompanying app for the Ahrong Eltech 'Epi' allows users to keep track of their skin health over time rather than just once. This enables them to adjust their skincare regimes accordingly and retest to see how they're working.

The portable design of the Ahrong Eltech 'Epi' skin analyzer allows users to carry it with them anywhere, while the lack of a battery means it'll never need to be recharged.