Alien Workshop Skate Recolonization Kits are for the Impending Apocalypse

 - Aug 5, 2012
References: alienworkshop & adweek
Alien Workshop has teamed up with Real Art Design Group to launch a series of 'Skate Recolonization Kits,' survival kits that will help you when the apocalypse predicted for the end of 2012 occurs.

There are only 50 of the limited-edition Skate Recolonization Kits available, and each is priced at $149.99. Each kit includes Alien Workshop's 2012 Apocalypse Series of skateboards: three decks that feature deadly scenarios, such as alien invasion, nuclear fallout and natural disaster, describes the brand. Along with the skateboards, each kit also comes with instructions to guide you through the apocalypse (assuming you're a survivor).

What's more, the release of the Skate Recolonization Kits is accompanied by an interactive campaign that involves five of the skateboard kits being buried around the world. Alien Workshop has revealed a clue to their whereabouts in this first video clip, and more clues will be soon available at the brand's website.