Father Rob Tong Developed the SleepHero App to Sing Babies to Sleep

 - Jun 5, 2015
References: sleepheroapp & springwise
If your offspring is soothed with a sweetly sung lullaby, you need this app developed to help sing babies to sleep. Perfect for sleep deprived parents looking to get just a little more shuteye, the SleepHero app is capable of recording parents' voices to sing little ones back to sleep in a familiar way. The sound-activated technology automatically starts playing recordings when a child starts stirring in the middle of the night.

Using a library of recorded lullabies in the voice of a parent, SleepHero helps sing babies to sleep so tired caretakers don't have to get up. The app has a range of pre-loaded nursery rhymes, or you can pick your kid's favorite book to read. Users can also adjust the volume of noise required for recordings to start playing, plus how long the recording should play for. There are also white noise options.