The Simply Straws are Stylish and Environmentally Friendly

 - May 11, 2014
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Simply Straws offers a reusable alternative to plastic straws with these chic, colorful and washable glass straws -- and the fun doesn't stop there. You can choose from several different straw styles and colors to find one that is perfect for your drinking tendencies.

Simply Straws has an innovative, environmentally friendly design made from durable glass rather than plastic. The glass makes these straws safe to wash, BPA-free, non-toxic and better for keeping your teeth stain free. Depending on what kind of straws you like, Simply Straws most likely has a style for you. There are clear, engraved, colorful and bendy options for you to choose from. So replace the plastic straws in your summer drinks and add some color with these Simply Straws.