Simon Schubert Absolut Poster Shows a Vision of Purity

 - Dec 20, 2011
References: absolut & popsop
This stunning Simon Schubert Absolut advertisement is currently installed at a bus shelter in Paris. The poster is the famed German artist's vision of purity, which is something the Absolut vodka brand prides itself on and has been promoting to its customers.

The Simon Schubert Absolut ad is part of the Absolut Blank campaign, in which the vodka brand encourages artists and consumers to create artistic ads for Absolut Vodka. This particular ad showcases the liquor brand's limited edition Absolute Mode bottle, which was revealed earlier this year.

Schubert, a master of folding paper and using shadows and light in his artwork, didn't use a single ounce of paint or ink to create this incredible masterpiece -- only cellulose paper and a whole lot of wrinkling and folding.