From Blinged Out Booze Bottles to Sweet Sticky Spirits

 - Sep 17, 2013
For ladies getting ready for a fun girls night out, what better way to prepare for the night than with some super feminine vodka spirits?

The array of flavors that the liquor comes in seems almost endless, however there are a vast amount that definitely appeal more to a female audience. For example, Chambord came out with two very fruity-infused flavors. What makes this alcohol girlier than most is the packaging it comes in. The design is made to look like sweet perfume bottles.

The brand Pinnacle released an ice cream liquor and a pumpkin pie one that will satisfy a dessert craving. Finally for the women who want to keep their classy image while drinking vodka, there is vodka-infused wine from ABSOLUT that offers a tasty fusion of two popular drinks.