Shelby Walsh in Marketing Magazine

 - Jan 6, 2016
References: marketingmag
In addition to helping countless couples connect, Tinder's addictive interface has become a source of inspiration for brands that want to reach consumers in inventive ways. President Shelby Walsh's latest column for Marketing Magazine reveals a pattern Trend Hunter's researchers have identified as 'Matchmaking Adulthood,' which explores the influence of Tinder beyond romance and how services of similar styles are gamifying a consumer's decision-making process.

Matchmaking Adulthood is a culmination of gamification, user-friendly tools and a reliance on mobile devices. A few great examples of where this pattern can be seen include Jobr, an app that matches job seekers with prospective employers, Kwoller's use of Tinder's swiping model and TMATCH, an online tool from Toyota that helps Millennials pick a vehicle to suit their needs.

The Gamification of Decisions

Looking past the stigma of Tinder, it’s easy to see that people want an easier, faster and fun way to make decisions big and small. This doesn’t just go for finding Mr. or Mrs. Right, but has now extended into the fashion, employment, marketing and auto industries with various start-ups ripe to take over market share.

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