Shelbie Dimond Beatifully Captures a Cold and Emotional World

 - Dec 8, 2011
References: flickr & photodonuts
The expressive and tender photography by Shelbie Dimond is filled with emotions and exquisite solitude. The California-based photographer captures her subjects in stunning places around California and records their solitary life. The models' thoughts become vivid and intensified by Dimond's use of color and light.

The captivating tonality of these images gives this series a whole new level of meaning and expression. Nostalgia is a feeling that is strongly present through most of the pictures; there is an existentialist shadow that is emphasized by blues and greenish hues as well as black and white colors. Additionally, this rich palette of color makes these shots look vintage and retro, which helps to maintain the theme of solitude and deep introspection of the pictorials.

The photography by Shelbie Dimond is beautiful visual poetry.