The Shawarma Republic Ads Takes a Page from Obama's Campaign

 - Oct 26, 2011
References: n84 & ibelieveinadv
The Shawarma Republic ad campaign is blatantly inspired by Barack Obama's 'Hope' poster, which was designed by artist Shepard Fairey for the 2008 Obama presidential campaign. An iconic piece of artwork, it is no wonder that it has influenced other artists and marketers. In this case, the Shawarma Republic ad campaign would have the citizens of the world come together with food as its tag line states, "United we sandwich."

Conceived and executed by Lebanon-based ad agency NINETEEN84, the Shawarma Republic ad campaign is quite timely, although it uses an old campaign as inspiration. As President Obama embarks on yet another presidential campaign, posters like the ones seen in the Shawarma Republic ad campaign will surely pop up to remind people the original message of hope, change and progress the President of the United States stands for.