Artist Immy Melin is the Sharpie King

 - Aug 18, 2010
References: artisticjeanius & blog.sharpie
Chicago artist Immy Melvin has been producing work for over 30 years now. He describes his work as unique due to its complexity, use of geography. Oh, and it's great use of Sharpie markers.

Dubbed the Sharpie King in 2008, Melvin uses nothing but old fashioned Sharpies to produce his work. Claiming that the office staple has vibrant color and long-lasting ink, Melvin's devotion to the brand is what has earned him the title of Sharpie King.

The Sharpie King also uses standard sized printing paper as his canvas, making his work the ultimate tribute to classroom doodling. Melvin's art is displayed in Chicago's Artistic Jeanius.