The New Sharpie Ad Seeks to Capture the Attention of Younger Consumers

 - Jun 20, 2017
References: adsoftheworld
The new Sharpie ad seeks to capture the attention of younger generations that tend not to use physical design or writing-related products as much as older generations do.

While most generations grew up designing and writing on paper using pencils and markers, Millennials and Gen Z generations are more used to partaking in these activities on digital platforms. The new Sharpie ad seeks to target these generations by providing a storyline that might be more captivating to them than their older counterparts. The simple ad features what looks like a romantic storyline between two young individuals, with the woman writing and drawing images of memories she had with her boyfriend.

The end of the ad has a not-so-romantic twist, with an image of a woman that the boyfriend presumably cheated on his girlfriend with, and the strongly worded statement: "Screw You. It's Over."